How to Use the LinkedIn Find Nearby Feature to Make Connections

by | Feb 7, 2020

LinkedIn is the leading social network for professionals to meet and connect with other like minded individuals. Founded in 2002, the social network has seen explosive growth year over and year and in 2017 found itself with over 500 million users. With its heavy focus on catering towards professionals, it’s no wonder why LinkedIn has become a go to app for those looking to build their own personal network.

Thankfully there is a handy feature built into the LinkedIn mobile app that allows users to easily connect with a multitude of possible connection in the nearby vicinity.

Say hello to the LinkedIn Find Nearby Feature!

Getting Started With The LinkedIn Find Nearby Feature

Utilizing the LinkedIn Find Nearby Feature is very simple. I’ve found the biggest issue with it, is simply a matter of people being unaware that the feature even exists.

A few items needed in order for this feature to be used properly include:
1. You must have Bluetooth enabled.
2. LinkedIn will need access to your Bluetooth.
3. Nearby connections will need the above traits and for their app to be open.

Step 1: Open your LinkedIn Mobile App

To start off you’re going to open up your LinkedIn mobile app and wait for the apps home screen to load.

Screenshot of the LinkedIn Mobile App Home Screen

Step 2: Locate and Tap the ‘My Network’ Button

Once your app opens, you’ll be greeted by the LinkedIn mobile app home screen. Once the screen has fully loaded, you’ll want to locate the ‘My Network’ button in the bottom row of buttons. This button should be located between the ‘Home’ and ‘Post’ buttons.

Screenshot of the LinkedIn Mobile App Home Screen with an arrow highlighting the My Network button

Step 3: Locate and Tap the ‘New Connection’ Icon

Upon clicking on the ‘My Network’ button you’ll be brought to a screen that shows you a few different sections. This screen will allow you to ‘Manage my network’, view your pending invitations and showcase people you may know.

We’re interested in the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. The ‘New Connection’ icon which should be a circular blue button with a person icon and small plus sign.

Screenshot of the LinkedIn Mobile App My Network screen with an arrow highlighting the New Connection button

Step 4: Locate and Tap the ‘Find nearby’ Option

Once you attempt to add a new connection, you’ll be given three options to choose from. Add contacts, Scan QR code and Find nearby (OFF). We want to tap on the Find nearby (OFF) option.

A screenshot of the LinkedIn Mobile App New Connection screen with an arrow highlighting the Find Nearby Feature

Step 5: Invite Your New Connections!

Upon clicking the Find nearby button you’ll be brought to screen that will show all LinkedIn users that have the app open as well. Allowing you to easily send an invite to them and connect right then and there!

In the example image, I took this screenshot when I was not around any other LinkedIn users, otherwise there would be a list full of nearby available connections!

A screenshot of the LinkedIn Find Nearby Feature screen


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